Servant, Assassin, Bodyguard




Physical Description
Ethina is a small girl, standing at only 5 feet tall and weighing in at just under ninety pounds. She’s easily the smallest in her family, though she hasn’t let it affect her more than necessary. Ethina is pale, as most people who lived in the Hive’s cool underbelly. Her eyes are a light brown, and she often wears a small amount of black eyeliner around her eyes to emphasize them. She tends to wear dark clothing, contrasting with her pale skin. She often has her autopistol and her sword with her, as well as her sniper rifle when she can.

Ethina is a reserved young woman. Not necessarily quiet when she doesn’t need to be, but certainly not overly talkative. She has the bearing of a servant, being naturally unobtrusive and unassuming.

On the reverse side, Ethina has an independent streak that outdoes anyone else in her family. Her small size hides her largely opinionated self, and she uses the fact that she’s no longer a servant to speak her mind and operate on her own.

She has always had more of a bodyguard mindset than an assassin one, though she served in both capacities for her master.

Ethina is actually a decently friendly and curious individual, though it’s somewhat subdued.

1. What is your personality like?
Phlegmatic: Practical, Careful, yet very reserved.

2. How did you meet your Inquisitor?
She met her inquisitor when she discovered her Master’s brother was involved in heretical behavior. She took matters into her own hands, knowing no one would believe her, and attempted to kill him. Her brothers and sisters discovered her plans, however, and captured her. Before she was executed, the inquisitor who was visiting learned of her initiative and saved her. In return, she joined him as an acolyte of the inquisition. Unfortunately, however, the brother had heard of the Inquisitor’s visit, and escaped offworld. He has not been heard from since.

3. What does the Inquisition mean to you?
Ethina has always been a servant, bred to obey and be obedient. She listens to what she was taught, however, and takes her duty to protect from heretics and xenos seriously. She serves the inquisition as a means to protect the imperium from the corrupting influence that took her lord’s brother, and of course to use the skills her and her family has been taught for generations.

4. What will you sacrifice?
Ethina is a loyal acolyte, and one who is currently unwilling to deal with xenos or heretics. She would die to protect the common people from things far worse than she was ever sent to destroy when she was a servant.

5. What do you desire?
Ethina desires the ability to get revenge on the one mark that ever got away from her. She also enjoys killing, having been raised to be an assassin. The ability to kill those whom she finds deserving is even better than she had in her old life.

6. What do you hate?
Ethina hates open violence. A well-placed bullet or blade can stop what would cost hundreds of thousands lives to accomplish the same thing. Keep things low key and small-scale, if you can. She also mistrusts the tech priests, seeing their worship of the machine god as a necessary heresy, but a barely tolerated one. Psykers just plain scare her on some level. Mostly due to the dogma against them.


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